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Registering for the FREE program means you can walk with any of our walking groups in Nova Scotia. 

Before your first walk:

1. Click on the greenbox to register 

2. Sign the Participant Agreement and Waiver form. Bring this to your first walk. 

3. Review the Get active Questionnaire. This is only for your information. If indicated by the responses, here is the Get Active Questionnaire Reference Document.

"Walking and talking connects us with others and is good for the body and mind."
     - Colin McCrae, walk leader, NS Walks

Quotes from participants...

“It gets me up in the morning and starts my day off right"


“I like to walk but walking with a group is nice because I get to chat and meet new people”


“Many of us are now in other clubs together because we enjoy each others company”


“I moved to Halifax in June and it’s a good way to meet new people and become familiar with the neighborhood”


“My husband doesn’t like to talk but I do, so I get my socializing in”


“It is remarkable how something like walking outside can help with your mental health but it truly does”

Contact information:
Catherine Droesbeck, Program Manager, Hike Nova Scotia

Partners & Supporters:
NS Walks is a program of Hike Nova Scotia, supported by these partners and supporters.

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