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The Need

Walking is said to be the perfect activity with its tremendous physical, mental and social benefits and is the most popular activity for all Nova Scotians, including those who are less active. However, the number one barrier Nova Scotians have cited as to why they aren’t more active is that they don’t have anyone to be active with. Walking groups can be a solution to this problem. NS Walks walking groups are inclusive and include those of all abilities. During this time of a global pandemic, we have learned more than ever the importance of helping people stay socially connected as a key to one’s health and well being. 


The goal of NS Walks is to create social supports to increase opportunities for people who are currently less active to enjoy the benefits of walking. Walking includes all abilities mobility methods.

What We Do
  1. Work with partners to support the development of community walking groups by recruiting, training and supporting walking group leaders.
  2. Build capacity (knowledge, skills, training, awareness) of partners and other stakeholders to support walking for the target groups 
  3. Connect Nova Scotians to walking groups in their community

Target group

Our target group is less active Nova Scotians.

Advisory Committee

These organizations understand the needs and preferences of this target group and have a vested interest in the program as it complements their mandate in some way. The NS Walks Advisory Committee member organizations include:
  • Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP)
  • Community Links
  • Dartmouth and South East Community Health Board
  • Healthy Minds Cooperative
  • Hike Nova Scotia
  • Municipality of Cumberland
  • Nordic Pole Walking Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia Health, Community Health Teams
  • Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library
  • A representative from the disability community 


Catherine Droesbeck, Project Manager, Hike Nova Scotia
Partners & Supporters

NS Walks is a project of Hike Nova Scotia, supported by these partners and supporters.    
Zoomers Physiotherapy & Health Solutions          Smith + Andersen

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