Hike NS has a whole backpack full of stuff to get you ready for the trail:

Shop for T-shirts and solar lanterns

Find a Trail with the online guide and more

Find a Club or group to hike with

Leave No Trace while hiking and follow these principles

Blog - interesting hiking- and trail-related articles and recipes

Hiking Safety is what everyone should practice

Trail Etiquette - how to enjoy the trail safely

Ticks & Lyme Disease - information on how to protect yourself

Hiking for Youth and Families - get everyone out and having fun on the trail

Earth Walk Kits - borrow one of these kits to help engage kids in fun nature activities

Snowshoeing is just plain fun - why hibernate when you can snowshoe?

Tally Kilometres & Steps to motivate you to get out on the trails

There's an App for That - app ideas to help you prepare for and/or enhance your hike

For Visitors to NS - information for non-residents of Nova Scotia to help them hike

Help Make Change - Hike NS advocates for policy change affecting hiking and trail issues

Hiking & COVID-19 - our recommendations for hiking best practices during the pandemic

Indoor Walking Spaces - while it's more ideal to be outside, here are places to walk indoors when outdoors isn't possible

Adaptive Equipment - Learn where to get adaptive equipment to help you get out on the trails

Exploring Nature - Find links to help you explore and appreciate nature as you hike

More Documents for your reading pleasure.

Winter Activity and Wildlife - An info graphic
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