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Walk leader Tools and Forms:

 Walk Leader Training Manual: This supports you in the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to lead a walking group in your community. 

Risk assessment form: Assess a walking route before starting your walking group

My walk group details form: Complete form and send back to us to get your walk kit

 Sample email to participants: Use the sample email to send to your walking group participants before your first walk

 Walk attendance form:  Walk Leaders/Hosts complete this form for every walk

 Participant agreement and waiver form: Outlines the responsibility of both the participants and leaders for safety and enjoyment on the walks 


Marketing and Promotion:

Please help us promote our walking groups
. Please use this Word document with text along with these social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to direct people to join a walking group.



Watch this video to learn more about c
reating inclusive walking groups for people with a physical disability with March of Dimes

Watch this video learn more about dementia and how to create dementia friendly walks from Kara with the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.


Walking resources for leaders or participants:

Indoor Walking Locations: Where to walk during inclement weather.

Go Here Washroom Access: Find out where there are washrooms for the public to use

How-to Videos: Short videos to help you walk well! 

Learn about four ways you can optimize your walks.

Learn about four key stretches to help keep you limber for walking.

Zoomers Blog PostStretch for Success with Your Walking Program

Winter Walking Safety Infographic: View it here



Catherine Droesbeck, Program Manager, Hike Nova Scotia

Partners & Supporters:

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