For Visitors to NS

Welcome to Nova Scotia!
If you’re visiting Nova Scotia and want to hike, here is some basic information to help you along in planning your visit. Learn more about Nova Scotia: where to stay; what to eat, see and do; and how to get here.

Come explore Nova Scotia's trails and the communities that host them. You won't be disappointed. From coastal hikes to woodland meanders, there's something for everyone and an adventure in every step!

Where to Hike
There are many trails in Nova Scotia. As a start, check out our Find a Trail page. Or check out the Hiking page on

Top Ten Reasons Why Nova Scotia is a Hiker's Paradise

Five Nova Scotia Hikes to Stretch Your Legs

Hiking & Your Special Day: Adventure Elopements on the East Coast

Hiking Experiences & Packages
Hike NS occasionally partners with resorts and other businesses on some exciting eat-hike-stay experiences. Please stay tuned for future events. 

Similar experiences may be listed on

Free Guided Hikes
Hike NS features free guided hike events organized by our partners across the province. There is a growing list of hiking clubs and groups that would welcome you on one of their excursions as well.

Hike Leaders & Tours
Hike NS does not have the volunteer or staff capacity to provide hike leaders to specific groups. Your options are to:
Do Some Research
Check out our Resources section to learn about hiking safety (such as wildlife, ticks, weather, tides, etc.), Leave No Trace principles, tips for hiking with kids, snowshoeing and more. 

How to Get Here
Please see the travel information from
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