Love Our Trails

Take the #LoveOurTrailsNS Challenge!

This February, Hike NS invites MLAs and citizens across Nova Scotia to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge.

We’re asking everyone to get out onto a local trail in February, snap a photo and share on social media with the #LoveOurTrailsNS hashtag to show their love of trails.

💗 Snap Some Love-ly Photos 💗

Calling all trail lovers! Get out onto the trails this February, take a photo and share on social media. While you’re at it, tag your MLA and challenge them to do the same. We want our elected representatives to know that our trails are important to us, and they need to be protected and supported. 

We’ll be celebrating MLAs who participate throughout the month by sharing their social media posts with our following on Instagram, Facebook and X/Twitter. We’ll post some citizens’ photos too!

💗 Why #LoveOurTrailsNS? 💗

During the pandemic, Nova Scotians flocked to the trails in record numbers to hike. Storms and flooding have damaged many of our trails. Our trails are feeling the impacts of both. The government has a role to play in better supporting trails and hiking because:

💗 What Can MLAs Do to Love Our Trails? 💗

To love and better support trails and hiking, MLAs can act within government to:
They can also snap a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, making sure to tag Hike NS and include #LoveOurTrailsNS in their post!

💗 Challenge Your Own MLA 💗

Invite your own MLA to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge! How to do it: 

1. Copy the text from this document into an email

2. Find your MLA here to get their email address: 
Find your electoral district
Find your MLA

3. Send off your email - maybe invite them on a hike on your favourite trail
News Release

Feb. 6, 2024: MLAs invited to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS Challenge 

💗 Find Trails You'll Love 💗

Click the logo below to find trails near you.

We 💗 LOVE 💗 you for supporting the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge. Happy trails!
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