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Hike NS Monthly E-News

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News Releases & Announcements

May 4, 2016: Hike NS Presents Summit Award at Digby Event
Jan. 6, 2016: Snowshoeing Events Reveal Winter Wonders
Sept. 8, 2015: Enjoy Fall’s Bounty with Guided Hikes

July 24, 2015: Hike NS Disappointed in Sunday Hunting Decision

Events Calendar

These events are those of our partners and Hike NS (Hike NS events are in bold). Please add to our events listing by submitting your event  here.

Every Tuesday: Chebucto Hiking Club, Bedford trail 10-km hike, Bedford
Every Thursday: Chebucto Hiking Club, Dartmouth 10-km hike, Dartmouth
Every Wednesday: Les Amis du Plein Air guided hike in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park
May 4: Dartmouth Volksmarch Club, Cole Harbour Permanent Walk, 10Km guided hike, Cole Harbour
May 7: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 4C, on the Admiral Lake Trail , Musquodoboit Harbour

May 7: Halifax Outdoor Adventurers, Hike Wolfville Area Trails, Wolfville
May 7: Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Waterfall Walk, New Germany
May 7-8: Eco Endurance Challenge 2016, Goffs
May 8: Dartmouth Volksmarch Club, Porters Lake Provincial Park/World Walk Day 10Km or 5Km guided walk, Porters Lake
May 11: Dartmouth Volksmarch Club, Dartmouth Cenotaph & TCT Permanent Walk 10Km guided walk, Dartmouth
May 13: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 2B, at York Redoubt National Park, Halifax
May 15: Dartmouth Volksmarch Club, Peggy's Cove Trail/CVF National Walking Day 10Km guided walk, Peggy's Cove
May 14-15: Field Leader - Hiking course, Antigonish
May 15: Halifax Outdoor Adventurers, Hike around Kidston Lake, Spryfield
May 21: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 3C, on the Prospect Trail, Prospect
May 27: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 2B, on the City-to-City Walk (by Ferry), Halifax
May 27-29: WILD Connect Leadership course, Truro
May 28: Cobequid Eco-Trails Society, Trail Buidling event, Gully Lake Trail system, Earltown
June 3: Re-Connecting with Nature workshop, Liverpool
June 4: International Trails Day
June 4: Chebucto Hiking Club, 16 km hike, rated 3C, on the Cape Split Trail, Scot's Bay
June 8: Re-Connecting with Nature workshop, Wolfville
June 9-10: Field Leader - Hiking course, Sydney
June 10: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 2C, on the Long Lake Trail, Halifax
June 11: Re-Connecting with Nature workshop, Halifax
June 11: Hike NS Annual General Meeting & Hike, Halifax

June 15: Re-Connecting with Nature workshop, Pictou County
June 17: Re-Connecting with Nature workshop, Sydney
June 18: Chebucto Hiking Club, 11 km hike, rated 3B, on the Armdale Trail, Halifax
June 24: Chebucto Hiking Club, 10 km hike, rated 2B, on the City-to-City Walk (by Ferry), Halifax
Aug. 27: Cape Mabou Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge, Mabou
Sept. 4-9: Cape Breton Camino Walking Pilgrimage, Western Cape Breton
Sept. 24: Cobequid Ecol-Trails Society, Hiking Event, Gully Lake Trail system, Earltown

All year long: More hiking and outdoor-related events are found at:
Nova Scotia's Parks are for People
Keep it Wild - Nova Scotia's Protected Areas
Hike the Highlands Festival
Take the Roof Off Winter
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
NS Outdoor Leadership Development Program
Young Naturalists Club
Wilderness Remote First Aid Courses

When you hike, walk or snowshoe, consider using a pedometer and counting your steps. Learn more at:


Be sure to follow Leave No Trace Principles when out hiking, walking and snowshoeing. For a list of what to bring and how to prepare for going on a hike, check out AdventureSmart.
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