Hiker Distance Awards

The Hiker Distance Award program recognizes hikers for hiking (or walking or snowshoeing) significant distances within Nova Scotia over the course of a year.
  1. No pre-registration is necessary and it doesn’t matter when you start
  2. Simply start tallying your kilometres for a year using a logbook you can print yourseif
  3. If you tally 150, 250, 500 or 1,000 kilometres within one year (365 days), you receive:
    • A 150, 250, 500 or 1,000 km pin to commemorate your achievement
    • Recognition on our Honour Roll - Who's Earned Pins and Patches!
  4. To redeem distances for a pin, you must be a current member of Hike NS
  5. To redeem your kilometres, you have two options:
    • Download the Tallying My Kilometres file (Excel file) to enter and calculate your kilometres. Save and then email this file to Hike NS.
    • If you can't or choose not to use the internet, you may mail a copy of your logbook to us (it's a good idea to photocopy your original and mail the copy).
Questions & Answers about the Hiker Distance Award Program

See the Young Hiker Challenge page for a similar program, but for children and youth.

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