Trail Closures

Tips for Finding Out if Trails Are Open or Closed

Lots of trails in NS experienced extensive damage from post-tropical storm Fiona. Unfortunately, there's no one place to go that lists all trails in Nova Scotia and whether they are open or closed. It all depends upon the type of trail you’re planning to hike. 

However, here are a few quick tips on how you can find out about trails near you:

Provincial Parks:
If it's a provincial park, then go to this Nova Scotia Provincial Parks page 
to see the latest reports on parks that are open and those that are closed.

National Parks: 
Cape Breton Highlands National Park
For updates on what’s open and accessible, check out this page.
Kejimkujik National Park - National Historic Site
For updates on what’s open and accessible, check out this page.
Municipal Parks:
Go to your town/municipal website and search for parks or trails info. Their Facebook pages will often post updates.
Community Trails:
If it's a trail that is managed and maintained by a community group, try this: 
  • Search what trail it is here and navigate to its website
  • Contact the group directly or google their Facebook page for any info on whether the trail is open or closed
Respect Trail Closures
Please respect notices and signage saying that trails are closed since they could be unsafe or crews could be doing work on the trails. It's best to stay off and let the crews work. It impedes trail clean up when folks use trails while volunteers or staff are trying to clean them up or do repairs. And please be kind and respectful. Folks that are working on the trails are doing so for your benefit. Thank them for all their hard work.
Help Out!
If you’re eager to get back on the trails, then help out! Contact your local trail group and offer to help (but only do so with their permission and under their direction). Lots of groups are scheduling trail clean-up and repair days and they’d love to have your help. You can also donate to your local trail group to assist with clean-up costs.

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