Love Our Trails

MLAs: Take the #LoveOurTrailsNS Challenge!

This February, Hike NS invites MLAs across Nova Scotia to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge.

We’re asking them to get out onto a local trail in February, snap a photo and share on social media with the #LoveOurTrailsNS hashtag to show that they support trails.

💗 Get on the Map 💗

We’ll be celebrating MLAs who participate on a map throughout the month and sharing it with our following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

View the map here!

Check out Hike NS board members getting in on the #LoveOurTrailsNS action too!
💗 Why #LoveOurTrailsNS? 💗

During the pandemic, Nova Scotians flocked to the trails in record numbers to hike. The government has a role to play in better supporting trails and hiking because:
  • Trails are a place where we go for physical activity, for relieving stress, to support our mental health and to commune with nature
  • Walking is the top physical activity of Nova Scotians
  • Hiking is one of the top three outdoor tourist activities 

💗 What Can MLAs Do to Love Our Trails? 💗

To love and better support trails and hiking, MLAs can act within government to: They can also snap a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, making sure to tag Hike NS and include #LoveOurTrailsNS in their post!

💗 Challenge Your Own MLA 💗

Invite your own MLA to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge! How to do it: 

1. Copy the text from this document into an email

2. Find your MLA here to get their email address: 
Find your electoral district
Find your MLA

3. Send off your email - maybe invite them on a hike on your favourite trail

We 💗 LOVE 💗 you for supporting the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge. Happy trails!

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