Help Make Change

Part of Hike NS’s role is to be the voice of hikers in Nova Scotia. This means advocating for change in policy that will positively affect what hikers care about, such as:
  • Quality, safe and maintained hiking-only trails
  • Urban wilderness hiking and long distance hiking opportunities
  • A complete and well-resourced implementation and evaluation of the NS Trails Strategy
  • Protection of natural areas and wilderness
How You Can Help

Support the creation of an Urban Wilderness Park in the Purcell's Cove Backlands, near Halifax.

Support the creation of the Birch Cove-Blue Mountain Regional Park.

Support the ongoing protection of wilderness protected areas in Nova Scotia.

Support the petition to the Nova Scotia government to stop using forest biomass for power generation.

Support reinstating the Sunday hunting ban.

Support the winter use of our National Parks.

Support Our HRM, which calls for the creation of a greenbelt in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Support a strong NS Natural Resources Strategy.

Support a strong NS Parks and Protected Areas Plan.

Call or write to your local councillor, MLA or MP to let them know what you think.

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